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Kolosseum holds fast-paced daily fantasy contests currently based on competitive Fortnite ​and plans to provide contests for a wide range of popular esports in the future. Choose from your favorite Twitch Personalities to build your fantasy team. You’ll rack up points based on their performance. Compete daily, and double real money to your account.

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Seawater mineral extraction (ZLD Desalination) using sustainable methods with fresh water as a byproduct in order to

  • Reduce Brine emissions

  • Reduce Carbon emissions

  • Improve Access to Water in coastal regions

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Breakthrough technology in community engagement between smart cities, citizens, and businesses. The TensorLabs is creating a safer community all while improving community connection and engagement. Smarter infrastructure can make a stronger community.

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A platform designed to help people connect with others in a more meaningful way. We create a safe haven to meet new people with similar interests

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