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How many people can be on a team?


The teams are 2-6 people.

Can I compete without a team?

Of course! You can submit an individual application and at our mingling event you will be able to meet other people that don't have a team.

Do I need any previous knowledge about how to pitch an idea?

No, in fact this competition's sole purpose is to teach IIT students about all the tools you need to pitch an idea and introduce you to a lot of resources on campus and in Chicago!

How many deadlines are there? When are they?

There will be 4 total deadlines. They will usually open on a Monday and close on a Saturday with the exception of the initial application and final deadline. To learn more you can check out the                 tab.

How many workshops are there?

There are 5 workshops and the final pitch! To check out more info about these events check out the              tab.

What are the prizes?

There will be four prizes for the teams competing. $1000 for first place, $500 for second, $250 for third place and $250 for fan-favorite(voted for at the final pitch). We will also be giving out a raffle prize at the final pitch

Do you guys have any other ways to help pursue an idea?

Absolutely! The pitch competition is the best way to learn the most about everything that goes into pitching an idea. However, we also have a summer starter fellowship that you can check out 

Any other questions??

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