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Who are we, and what do we do?

We all need a place to start

Intinium is a student-led organization created to inspire others to fearlessly pursue what they are passionate about while bringing positivity to the world. The organization is based at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Our mission is to create a community that changes the world by empowering others to live up to their true potential.

To build the community we envision, we inspire others to follow their most ambitious dreams and passions through a series of events and content creation. We connect students to opportunities and resources that empower them to be successful, and we support student ideas, ventures, and projects.

Meet the Team

Executive Board Members

Meet the Team

Advisory Board Members

Those Who Came Before Us

Past Members

Daniel Medina (co-founder)

Ritwik Divakaruni

Arushi Rai

Monica Bhagavan

Doorvesh (Sid) Santbakshsing

Itic Tinman

Mert Armagan

Jonah LaDuca

Noah Reardon

Jackson Lapp

Alexander O'Claire

Akanksha Wankhade

Camilo Cortes

Nathaniel Abbott

Samantha Blanchard

Michael Zapotoczny

Damla Sucuka

Basmala Ahmad

Jacob Brown

Sufia Khan

Willa Vigneault

Jeannina Villalobos

Deepanshu Jhall