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Why? (Problem)

Students at Illinois Tech are intelligent, bright, hard working individuals, yet most lack the drive to push ourselves outside of the classroom to pursue personal passions, engage in the community, or get involved, and thus furthering the negative impact of Illinois Tech culture and not taking full advantage of college opportunities.

What will this competition achieve? (Solution)

Pitch@IllinoisTech is idea competition that inspires students to engage with the community by working in teams to come up with a solution to a real problem, and think creatively while pursuing what they are passionate about. Students will also be able to develop necessary professional and presentation skill sets and work in an interdisciplinary environment.

What are the goals of the competition?

  • Students: 

    • To encourage students to use their academic knowledge in new settings to pursue their own passions, apply themselves in innovative environments, and engage themselves in their communities. 


  • University:

    • To revitalize Illinois Tech’s potentials in innovation, student pride of the university, and increasing student involvement by incentivizing creative thinking and problem solving.


  • Organization:

    • To support, connect, and inspire Illinois Tech students and have four projects to push through the pipeline program for next semester.

    • Send a message of inclusivity, collaborative work, and community engagement.