We move forward.


We fiercely believe that if every single person follows their dreams, pursues their passions, and lives up to their true potential, we as a community will move forward.

- Daniel Medina, co-founder

Intinium Media

Intinium Talent Engine (ITE)

The Talent Engine is a hub where individuals interested in joining projects or startups can advertise their particular skills and experiences. It's a one time application, but your profile can be updated or deleted at any time you choose. Once you submit the form, your information goes to an airtable gallery view that will be featured on Intinium’s website.

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Chicago Startup Week


Startup Week celebrates the achievements of entrepreneurial communities in Chicago by bringing students, entrepreneurs, and professionals together in a way that they can connect, share, and bond.


Pitch@Illinois Tech

An idea competition that inspires students to engage with the community by working in teams to come up with a solution to a real problem they are passionate about.

Startup Symposium

If you were to start a company in the city, how would you do it? Click here to check out our first event connecting students to local startups in Chicago!


Our TruAccolades 

Rasmish Zaidi
Nik Rokop
Arora Adarsh

Thank you to our incredible sponsors!

None of what we do would be possible without the support from our own Illinois Tech faculty and staff and various groups from the Chicago entrepreneurial community. Intinium was launched with the mission of empowering students, and our sponsors empower us to do so. We can't thank them enough for their generous contributions and connections with professionals across the globe!


Ready to get involved? Email intinium@iit.edu or join our mailing list to learn more about our organization and any upcoming events.